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Piling Works Radcliffe, Manchester

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We were contacted by a builder who was currently excavating a single story extension in Radcliffe, he found that the ground unsuitable for traditional foundations and piling would be needed to ensure a sturdy foundation to build on. After speaking with the builder, we were able to gain an understanding of the required works. From the drawings that were emailed to us, we were able to construct a pile design that was cost effective and suitable for the requirements of this project; the builder accepted our offer on the same day.

The builder expressed to us that he had to stay on track with his schedule and he would need to start bricklaying on the 23rd November. With this mind we arranged a site visit on the 18th between our operations manager and the builder; we then inspected the site with the aim that any unexpected obstacles that could cause a delay are noted and are then dealt with prior, therefore ensuring a smoothly run job. This meeting also allows us to run through our schedule and answer any queries our client may have. It was then agreed that work would commence the following day on the 19th and would be a 2 day job.

Day 1

Our team arrived to site at 8am to start the piling work. They spent the day concentrating on getting all 6 number of piles at the required set. The site had already been excavated which meant we could finish piling that day.

Day 2 The steel cages are fabricated to the engineers design and installed to the pre-dug trenches. Building control then came to confirm that the completed work is to the engineers specification and signed off the job allowing us to pour the concrete that afternoon. Once we had finished our work, the site was cleaned up and the builder was able to keep to his schedule.  

"Thank you for the piling works the lads have done a great job"
Building Contractor


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