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Mini Piling Works Milnrow, Rochdale

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We was initially contacted by the homeowner with concerns to there ground conditions. They had budgeted for traditional strip footings however on completing a trail hole they where heading towards 2 meters and still hadn’t been able to find good ground. We arranged for a site visit to asses the ground conditions and to see how we could help the client in moving there project forward. It was arranged for our site inspection manager to attend and meet with the client the next day. On arrival he was able to advise the client of a suitable pile design that was within budget and would allow them to continue there project within there required time scale. Whilst at the meeting there was a couple of drains and gas pipes located this information was passed through to our engineer so he could complete a suitable design as well as to our team that would be onsite to ensure that all services where protected while work commenced

Prior to our team arriving to site our client had been issued with all the relevant health and safety documents and our team had been given there individual job pack showing any areas that would require additional attention as well as the engineers design that we would be working too.

Day 1

Set up onsite and our team drive 5 piles to 6 meters. While they where driving the piles our team where able to clean out the trenches and bring the trenches up to level. Our client had dug there trenches nice and neat however due the Great British weather some areas had fallen in, this was no problem and nothing that our team couldn’t quickly fix while completing the piling work.

Day 2

Arrival to site to yet again another very wet day. Before the days work was to begin another tidy up of the trenches was required as the rain had pushed more spoil back into what was once perfect trenches, our team than quickly moved into driving the last 2 piles again to reach there required sets 6 meters was required. Our team had also been fabricating the required cages while onsite and these where now ready to be installed. While installing the cages the team formed shuttering around the drain as per the engineers design and they where ready for building control by lunch.

Lunchtime and building control arrive the work is then checked with the engineers design that our team have been working too. Another happy building control officer signs off the work and the concrete pour is completed. Once completed and the site is cleaned ready for the client/ builder to start installing there brickwork.

Once our team arrive back to the yard the job pack is passed through to our office. From there the client is issued with the structural engineers calculations, Vxcel piling 10 year insurance, piling logs and the 10 year insurance backed guarantee is placed on the portal for the independent insurance company. The insurance provider will send this to our client direct.

Our client is extremely happy with the work completed by all our teams that she had dealt with. Her testimonials on social media speak volumes. Our client as also confirmed that they are now still on target to spending this Christmas in there new kitchen as per there original timescale.

Excellent, professional and faultless service from the offset. I wasn’t prepared to have to pile poor ground as I believed the ground to be suitable to build a house extension only to discover that it wasn’t! I contacted Vxcel on a recommendation from another neighbour who had previously used the companies services. I’m so so happy with how quickly and professionally everything was dealt with. No problem was too much to sort for the team that attended. A special thank you to Yvonne who not only kept me calm in the middle of a potential emotional breakdown but for her positive, personal and informative approach to getting me through an unforeseen circumstance in the middle of an already stressful house build. Thank you all so much, would highly recommend.
Victoria Marland
Home owner


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