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Our Piling Process

  1. Foundation Trenches Dug – The first thing to do is to dig the trenches, typically the builder will perform this task. We are able to perform this task as part of the process if it hasn’t been done already
  2. Piles Installed – The structural engineer will provide the necessary specification for pile installation. Piles are driven into and through the ground as far as possible until they come to a stop. Meaning they are driven to “set”.
  3. Excavation Shuttering – The excavation is then shuttered to ensure when we pour the concrete that is accepted in a firm and neat structure.
  4. Pile Cutting – Piles are cut to height to form a neat structure allowing re-enforced steel beams to be placed on top. They are then tied to the starter bars that have been installed in the piles.
  5. Inspection – We now require our work to be inspected, at this point we reach out to the local building inspectior to review the work we have done. The work carried out is inspected to ensure it is consistent with the structural enginers drawings.
  6. Concrete Pour – Once work has been inspected and approved the final step is to pour the concrete.
  7. Job Complete – Structural calculations and a piling log are issued to the building inspector and the client for reference. The builder can now take over from here and continue with their work.

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“Very professional, came out to survey site very quickly, estimate was almost immediate, job done to highest standard, would highly recommend Vxcel piling.”

Piling And Mini Piling Contractors

If you’re looking for mini piling contractors, we can provide you with the best results. Our aim is to ensure that every client enjoys a process that is simple and convenient, delivering high quality services that won’t be beaten. As leading piling contractors and mini piling, we offer our piling services without compromise, ensuring you receive excellent work and great customer service. We are committed to providing the best piling contractors service available to all of our clients, with a professional outlook and high levels of value delivered to all. Whatever your project is, we can help you to get the results that you want and achieve the growth that you are aiming for. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to bringing you the very best mini piling.

A solid foundation is critical when constructing a new building. Piling and Mini Piling contractors are one of the essential services that you require when planning and executing a new build. Choosing the right contractors for your mini piling is a must if you want to begin construction correctly and set up your site for continued success as your project continues. When you only want to settle for the very best, choose our mini piling services to meet your needs, and we will always strive to deliver the results that you want. We can take on projects of all sizes and meet the challenges that your project might present.

Our Piling Contractors Services

Our mini piling and piling services offer you the very best quality and service at all construction stages. When you need a mini piling or piling company, you can guarantee that our professional services will produce the best results given the soil conditions being worked with on the access sites. We are always working to offer the very best piling solutions to our clients and striving to improve. We are ready and willing to take on any project and tackle complex situations too. Our solutions are designed to get you the results that you want, offering creative answers to a broad range of needs. When you work with us for your basement construction project, you will receive reliable mini piling work and results with limited access and problems.

Choose our piling contractors for trustworthy services and professional basement construction outcomes. As a mini piling / piling company that has been established in the industry for multiple years, we have built up the skills, knowledge, and experience to enable us to bring our clients the best basement construction experience that they could ask for. Our basement construction team is dedicated to helping you, whatever your needs, from our basement construction workers to our office staff. We aim to make anything possible, whether your project is small or large. We are prepared to take on any challenge and act as trustworthy and reliable piling contractors at all times. All of our clients can expect professionalism from our basement construction team throughout their project, with all of the support that you require from our team. When you need piling contractors, you can get in touch with us, and we will guarantee that our team will do their best to help in any way that we can.

Leading Piling Contractors

Piling contractors need to offer services to be installed on your building site before you can construct a new building or structure. It forms the foundation of the building, using heavy posts or stakes that provide the support for the structure. It’s essential to find the right piling contractors for your construction project because it ensures a solid foundation for the rest of the construction.

Piling is also known as deep foundation or basement construction and includes several different types of piling and operations, including mini piling, cfa piling, retaining walls, mini piles, new builds piling works, reinforced concrete, ground beams, ground conditions, piling rigs, basement construction, concrete piles, screw piles, bearing piles, piling mini and foundation design. With piling, the weight of the building is supported by the area below ground, such as is the case with tall apartment and office blocks and skyscrapers. Mini piling means that the piles have a narrow diameter and are small and lightweight, but strong. This means that these piling services are also affordable. Different types piling contractors including cfa piling offer different services for a uk home or commercial build and we have several available, including driven or bored piles for our piling works. Mini piling is just one of several types of piling that can be used, which include driven, bored, and contiguous piling works. Call us to discuss your project further and how we can be of help with your piling or basement construction.

Piling services are not something that can be completed with a DIY approach. It requires professional piling contractors who know what they’re doing and can carry out the work safely and to a high-quality who have professional indemnity insurance . When you need to have piling installed at the beginning of your project, look for trained, experienced, and licensed piling contractors who can carry out the work for you. Licensed piling contractors in London will complete your project legally, safely, and on-time to create a solid foundation for your new building. Contact us today to find out more about cfa piling and how we can help you.

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At VXCEL Piling Contractors cater for both the commercial and domestic customer offering a range of services for both. Vxcel Piling Contractors has 22 years of experience in the industry and has been established for 10 years. Our reviews can be read on Google or on our testimonial page and confluence with our reputation allows to complete major contracts for national companies through out the whole of the UK.

Previous piling contractors include Burger king, Volvo, MyProtein, Blackpool FC, Crossfield Street Development and many more. Vxcel piling contractors coverage is nationwide.

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