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Vxcel Piling ltd aim to be one of the most competitive piling bolton and mini piling bolton based service in the UK however, should you be able to find a like-for-like comparative price we will aim to beat their written quotation. 





Commercial piling services are available in Bolton from a wide range of specialist piling contractors. These companies offer a full range of commercial foundation solutions including pile driving, underpinning and mini piling.

Pile driving is a method of construction that involves driving deep foundations into the ground. This process can be used to construct foundations in areas with weak soil, contaminated soil or high water tables. Driven piles require less space than sunk piles, and they can be installed over existing foundations without damage.

These foundations are generally made from concrete or steel and can be shaped into different sizes to meet the specific requirements of each project. They can also be drilled to create larger sized piles, which may be required for larger structures.

Alternatively, a pile may be driven in to the ground using a machine called a “hammer”. This is usually done by a contractor with expertise in driving piles and is an effective solution for sites with muddy or sandy ground conditions.

This type of piling requires a lot of preparation before it can be installed, and is not recommended for projects that have poor drainage or where the soil is too soft to support the structure. It can also be very expensive, as it requires cutting-off techniques and other equipment that can be costly.

Another alternative to driven piles is precast concrete, which can be poured on-site. This type of piling is generally more expensive than driven piles, but it can be a cost-effective solution for many projects.

In addition to concrete, other materials can be used for piling, such as steel and timber. These can be a more affordable option than the driven piles, but they are typically not as strong or long-lasting.

Vxcel Piling Bolton have been in the industry for many years, so they have extensive experience in all aspects of piling and can tailor their piling skills to meet your needs. This includes underpinning, mini piling, precast concrete piles, ground beams, retaining walls and heavy wall steel piles.

For more information about the piling services available in Bolton, contact Vxcel Piling Bolton today. They can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure your project is successfully completed.


Mini piling bolton is a small but effective solution to problems associated with building foundations. This process involves the use of small piles which are drilled into the ground to support buildings that have fallen on their side or need to be raised higher up.

Piling specialists have a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements and budget. They can create concrete piles for your home extension or a new conservatory, and they can also build reinforced walls to help secure the structure.

They can also install a wide variety of other types of piles. For example, they can use a steel sheet pile to create a narrow form of construction which is suitable in many ground conditions.

Vxcel Piling Bolton is one of the leading residential piling specialists in the area, having worked on projects for the likes of 118 foundations and a whole host of high profile home builders. They are experienced in the use of all the major piling technologies including underpinning, helical piled walls, retaining walls, precast concrete piles and ground beams.

It is no secret that heaving is a common problem when trying to build homes in certain ground conditions. It happens when the soil beneath a house starts to expand and swell, usually due to a tree being removed or too much water getting into the land.

There are a number of different solutions that can be used to minimise this problem, but the simplest is by using a mini pile system. These systems are designed to work in tighter spaces than larger construction vehicles and can also limit noise pollution thanks to air compression.

They are also a lot more cost-effective and energy-efficient than traditional excavations and can even reduce carbon emissions.

There are several different types of piling systems available in the market, but the best one is by far a steel cased bottom driven mini pile. These are essentially closed ended thin walled steel tubes that are driven into the ground by an internal drop hammer and filled with high slump concrete or grout.


If you are looking for industrial piling services in the Bolton area, look no further than Vxcel Piling. They are a specialist contractor, and have a proven track record for working on both residential and commercial projects. They are experienced in a variety of different foundation types including underpinning, mini piling and precast concrete piles.

Their team of experts are available to provide a full, thorough service from site investigation through to design, piling and testing. They can work closely with your architects, structural engineers, project managers, construction workers and foremen to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

They are a cost-effective solution for any site, and offer a simple, safe method of stabilising unstable land. They are especially useful in confined areas, and can be installed to depths of up to 50m.

A more environmentally friendly option, they also have a reduced carbon footprint and do not leave any waste behind. They use less steel and concrete than traditional piling and produce minimal noise, vibration and disturbance to adjacent structures.

The rigs are smaller then traditional piling vehicles, so they can access tighter spaces and are more suited to operating in difficult circumstances, including low headroom or restricted space. They are able to carry out ground engineering works inside buildings and are also useful for residential developments that have been affected by subsidence.

They can also help to create a more robust foundation for new builds and extensions, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding properties. This process is commonly used for railway bridges and retaining walls, but can be used on any structure that requires extra support.

Their team is able to install both driven and bored foundation piling systems which can be utilised in any ground conditions and in conjunction with a range of methods for excavation and forming. They can work on large and small sites and have a vast amount of experience in constructing walls, towers and bridges.

They are an ideal solution for a wide range of soil conditions, and can be driven using both conventional and vibratory methods. They are also a popular choice for temporary and permanent earth retention walls, basements and flood defences.


Piling is a type of foundation solution that involves installing vertical supports called piles in order to build a structure. These can be made from materials such as timber, concrete or steel and are usually based on the soil conditions of a site.

Bolton piling contractors will begin by performing a ground investigation, ensuring that the land is safe and suitable for the building or structure they’re constructing. This includes assessing any existing infrastructure, such as water and electricity pipes, which may need to be relocated or altered in order for the foundations to be installed correctly.

The next step is to prepare the site, ensuring that all topsoil has been removed and the ground has been levelled. In some cases, the area will need to be stabilised using a retaining wall to create an even surface to work on.

Once the site has been cleared and the groundwork is completed, the construction process begins. Here, a team of experienced engineers will be responsible for the installation and construction of the piling system.

Depending on the requirements of the client, there are several different types of piling available, including bored piles, mini piles and Grundomat piles. All of these systems are capable of extending to depths of up to 50m.

Deep piling is typically the most common type of foundation solution. This is used when a build will be taller than one storey or where the ground and soil conditions are not ideal.

However, it is important to note that there are also other types of foundation solutions. These include mini piling bolton, which is a small system that can be used for small builds or to strengthen existing structures.

There are also a number of specialist geotechnical piling services that can be used for projects in the area of Bolton, such as auger cast piles, micropiles and earth retention systems. These methods can be used to construct foundations for all kinds of properties, including residential and commercial buildings.

In addition to the various types of foundation piles that are available, there are also a number of other geotechnical techniques that can be used in order to achieve the correct results. This includes the use of a variety of different drills, rebar and other tools. These are often used to improve the strength of the foundation and make it more resistant to vibrations, as well as earthquakes.

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